Termite Inspection Sydney

Termites are the worst enemy of your property. If you notice termites swarming into your basement or burrowing into the woodwork, it is highly likely there’s a whole colony thriving under your nose. Kill them before they eat up your furniture and other valuables that you love even more.

Don’t want to get your hands dirty? We’ll do it for you.

We provide thorough termite inspection for Sydney homes, offices, retail stores, warehouses and storage spaces where termite infestation is highly likely.

With proven termite inspection methods, we can locate even the smallest termite colonies and wipe them out before they spread out to create nuisance.

10 Common Signs of Termites

Knowing early signs of termite infestation can help you nip the problem in the bud. Quickly go through these 10 signs of termites and you’ll know if you have a situation that needs to be looked into.

If you notice termite swarmers, it’s a telltale sign. Even if you see a few of them, it’s still a red flag.

These swarmers discard their wings when proliferating. Look for discarded wings in window sills, bathtub, door frames and vents.

Hollow wood is the most apparent sign, and this means that the damage has already begun.

If you see termite dropping all over the place, take it as a sign.

Chewing food with mouth open is annoying, but it’s more annoying when termites do that, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you pay attention, you can hear them chewing out loud.

Get the Best Termite Control Services in Sydney

If you notice these signs, contact us to schedule termite inspection at the earliest. The longer you wait, the more intensive the process will be, and the more money will it cost.

Best builder in Sydney to fix termite damage

Termites can grow immune to pest control methods that were highly effective 5 years ago. This is why we keep our pest control inventory and methods up to date to give you future protection against pest infestation.

Call now to schedule an inspection.

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