Enhance building best practices not only during Covid -19

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

The current period of history we are going through is unprecedented for our generation. However, Enhance building is continuously evolving with the times and have implement changes in our procedures when visiting our client’s homes or workplaces.


If any member of our team is showing any signs of flu symptoms they will be immediately self-isolated for 14 days.

Currently, what you should expect if you require any maintenance or emergency work conducted in this lockdown period.


  1. Our team will ask if you or your family have been exposed to the virus or there is any risk of exposure from covid -19
  2. We assess the need to enter your property and advise you’re the steps that will be needed to take.
  3. If required will mask s especial for internal works
  4. Abide by the 1.5m separation rules.
  5. If there are changes to Government guidelines, we will update our process to follow these rules.

After each project, we wipe down and undertake a decontamination process  as listed below:

  1. Wipe down hands
  2. Wipe down tools
  3. Wipe down vehicle door handles, steering wheel, gear knobs
  4. The hand sanities our hands again.

If you require any maintenance or emergence work during these uncertain times Enhance building will work with you to ensure the safety  of your family and business

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