Building in Bayside Council Area

Building in Bayside council

When you are considering renovating, extending or knockdown and rebuilding a new home, there are many things to contemplate.

There are many factors to deliberate such what you like to build, the cost of building and most importantly, the statutory approvals for these new works.

When it comes to constructing in the Bayside council area, you should consider consulting with a professional such as Enhance Building to assist you with all the questions you may have in regards to what you are planning to change in your home.

Nowadays, there are many pathways for seeking approval for new building works, and they are:

  1. Exempt developments
  2. Complying developments
  3. Development approvals

Furthermore, there are several ways to seek approvals with the council or with a private certifier. It can be frustrating to find a direct answer or solution to complete your project.

Enhance Building will be able to assist and guide you on the best and most cost-effective pathways and most efficient way to have your building work approved and comply with the latest statutory requirements.

Why is it important to understand these requirements upfront, you ask?

We ensure any building work complies with the regulation so you avoid the frustration and the cost of the completed project being demolished due to non-compliance of Council.

Once you consult with Enhance Building, you will have the peace of mind that your new project will comply with Bayside council requirements.

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