Custom Home Builder Bexley

Whatever brings you to Bexley to start a new life with your family, it’s worth every penny as long as you can inhabit your dream home. And the best way to find your dream home is to build one.

Enhance Building and Development Pty Ltd is one of the leading Bexley builders that will give you your dream home that you can proudly call your own.

Here’s how it works

Understanding what you want from your new build is crucial. So, when you talk, we listen. Then, we work closely with you to build a home that’s as unique as your personality.

As professional builders in Bexley, we subscribe to the idea of different. We use our imagination and your vision to come up with a blueprint that’s uniquely yours. And that’s what makes your home different.

Deck Building & Repair Bexley

A deck makes for an elegant addition to your home only if the installation is done right and the material used is of high quality. And all of that matters because a deck is a significant investment, and moreover, you don’t build a deck every day.

We specialise in building decks of all shapes and sizes. We make sure your deck is constructed to your exact specifications to suit your intended purpose and budget.

We have years of experience in decking installation and maintenance, which means we possess the knowledge and skills that are needed to turn your vision into a reality. You dream it, we build it.

Handyman Service in Bexley

If you ever need a helping hand with a strong body, to assist you with big or small DIY jobs, our professional, friendly handyman in Bexley is simply a phone call away. Our handyman can help you with a variety of jobs, especially the ones that you dread.

Hate the smell of paint on your hands or clothes? Let our handyman paint that wall or fix that unsightly patch on the ceiling so that you can sit back and do what you love to do. Want to fix a plumbing leak or a dripping toilet? Maybe you don’t need a plumber right away. All you have to do is call us. Our handyman will enquire about the issue and can fix it for an affordable fee.

Scaffolding Contractors in Bexley

Need scaffolding in Bexley for your upcoming or ongoing construction project?

We can set it up for you in as little as 6 hours. We specialise in erecting all types of scaffoldings, which are robust yet flexible. Based on your requirement, the scaffolding can be scaled up or down to meet your construction needs and standards.

We are happy to help you in all aspects of residential and commercial builds. All you have to do is call us.